Friday, June 3, 2011

Nokia E Series Phones : Breaking into the heart of businessmen

Nokia E Series Phones - Nokia E7

Technology has been at the core of my heart since childhood. And now, whenever I cast a glance over the Nokia handsets, my heart spontaneously starts jumping. In particular, the Nokia E Series Phones of this Finnish giant have won my heart with stellar specs.

The reason behind my attraction towards these devices is its plenty of business-centered features. Hence, like me, these have become the darling of businessmen and professionals. Albeit, this series was initiated quite long years ago in 2005, but the overwhelming response of punters encouraged company to keep the ball rolling.

Nokia E Series Phones - Nokia E6

This enlarged treasure-trove of phones contains a slew of devices, among which E55, E60, E61, E61i, E90 are some big names. The E-5, E-6, E-7, E-9 are a few of the latest phones of this series.

While designing these handsets, the company has paid meticulous attention towards the much amplified connectivity as well as corporate e-mail push services. These all devices are packed with ultra-smart office features. Further, these are arriving with support to Wireless LAN and a VoIP client (SIP Protocol).

Moreover, by using Nokia PC Suite, you can share and sync the data, contacts, calendars and other essential content between the Windows PC and this handset. Mac users can access data with bluetooth compatible to Operating System X.

Apart from this, you can streamline all the content of these gadgets with Nokia Multimedia Transfer (NMT). You can sync pics, videos and music from the best iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists, which are incorporated in these handsets. Furthermore, if you feel like, you can also transcode and cut short the file size. NMT also converts the handset into a digital camera, with which you can import pics and videos in iPhoto without facing any trouble.

Then hurry up and don't miss out the chance of enjoying the spectacular specs of these Nokia phones!

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