Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sim free mobile phones - provide new vistas to consumers

Mobile phones devices are a fast evolving industry. This industry is highly specialised and caters to different categories of consumers. Sim free mobile phones are simply one aspect of its development. It is also a diverse market in that there are different categories of consumers with different purchasing power. Thus both in the ability to purchase handsets and to avail of specific plans we see diversity. The UK shows a high degree of diversity both in the plans offered and the range of handset models on offer.

The great advantage of sim free phones is that it is not necessary to change network providers and there is a high degree of accessibility as a result. This however comes at a cost as these handsets are more expensive than those coming at a monthly contract. In the UK the best sim free phones are provided by Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and Lg among others.

The preference for different types of handsets is also based on regional differentiation. In Europe the majority of new handset connections are found to be based on buying contract options directly from the manufacturer. The great advantage of sim free mobile phones is that the consumer does not get bogged down in fixed contracts vis-a-vis the consumer. Also the cost of buying such a mobile handset may not be very economical when viewed in terms of the premium paid on a contract offer. There is also a risk of the handset having already been used.

In many respects going in for sim free mobile phones is advantageous if the consumer seeks to be a trend setter. This means that it is an attractive proposition for those who are in the habit of changing their mobile handsets on a regular basis. Such frequent change of mobile handsets could be due to various reasons ranging from wear and tear to changing trends. Whatever the reason sim free handsets have only grown in popularity in recent years.

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