Thursday, June 9, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 White - Catching on with distinct camera

When Apple iPhone 4 White was rolled out in the market in April 2011, It was my thinking that probably Cupertino-giant has designed it merely to meet the aesthetic choice of the Apple-fanatics, who prefer pearly white look in comparison to black. But, now I've found that I was off the mark.

Indeed, this white Apple phone is arriving with a newly deigned camera, which is remarkably distinct from that in black iPhone 4. The camera lens of white device is relatively more recessed and decreases the distance between the glass and sensor. It also eliminate the issues concerning with leakage of light. Just to recall, the black device was considered to be flaunting the best camera thus outshining other smart-phones on this front.

While capturing the pics using flash, white device creates different skin tones and color depth in contrast to black device. In addition, in low-light it shoots a bit sharper video footage with brighter colors and better contrast. Its flash can illuminate the object distinctly because of reflection off the handset's bright backside as well as the software's capability for adjusting white balance. Moreover, exposure settings of the camera is optimized for the flash photos of this device but not for the other.

When I took the shots with both version and showed to my friends, both shoots seems to have taken with different cameras. One told that the difference is due to the different flash intensities. But, another said, that may be, the image-processing software have handled the pics differently.

After delving deep into the cameras of both devices, we found that white produces better results for the footage sharpness and color vibrancy in low-light. On the other hand, black device offers good result in in color accuracy and flash exposure. Besides it, both devices are not designed exactly the same, it may also affect their camera features.

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