Monday, December 6, 2010

HTC Wildfire Deals - Offers and Still More Offers with free gifts

Very attractive deals for a an highly impressive smartphone device. That is exactly what has happened with the HTC Wildfire. Potentail buyers can pick and choose from a variety of HTC Wildfire contract deals floating in the market place here.

The HTC Wildfire is easily one of the finest smartphones that stands apart from the rest of the rivals on several counts. One major attraction with this smarty is the fact that HTC Corporation has made it the ideal social integration smartphone going around. You have thus, have features like the Friends Stream that helps in getting all you social networking updates at one place and keeps you posted every minute of your life renderring the HTC Wildfire the ultimate smartphone to own if social networking is what you seek.

This third generation handset is well supported by an array of HTC Wildfire Contract deals that offer this phone device at such low monthly payment plans that you actuallyfeel that the network service providers have not actualy done justice to the value that this handset is bringing in.

And it is just not HTC Wildfire contract deals that one has the choice of. Those who want to purchase the HTC Wildfire handset also can go for the SIM free deals and the pay as you go mobile phone offers introduced by the network service providers and the dealers alike.

The new HTC Wildfire smartphone handset can be bought SIM free for just £ 209.99 only. Further, the network carrier Vodafone has released a pay as you go mobile phone deal that give you the new handset for £ 159.99 only.

But all said and done it is the host of HTC Wildfire Deals that are luring in the maximum number of customers here. The network carrier, 3 Mobile has easily the cheapest of contract plans gong around. You pay per month £ 18 for 24 months and receive the new HTC Wildfire handset for free. And also obtain as free incentives up to 300 minutes of calling time, 300 text messages, and 750 MB of internet data. A brand new ZTE Racer Pay 3 G is also yours as a free gift under this deal.

O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone have also introduced several HTC Wildfire contract deals that require the buyer to pay monthly around £ 25 to £ 30 for 24 months and in return offer you the new handset.

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