Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blackberry Torch White provides - numerous options to suit users

The Blackberry Torch White is using unique touch screen technology. It is also having a 5 mega pixel camera

Blackberry Torch White is now available in numerous colour combinations thanks to AT&T. It is coming in different colours such as red and white among other colours. These are basically repaint jobs, which are having white keyboards along with noir optical pad. It is priced at $499 or at $99 if the user is involved in a two-year relationship with AT&T. 

 The size and shape of this device is nearly identical to the 9700, and its dimensions are 4.4-inches up and down by 2.4-inches across when closed, which is akin to the simpler, portrait QWERTY model. The thickness is differing by a tiny margin (the Torch is 0.57-inches thick, while the Bold is 0.56-inches). Compared to more streamlined devices like the Captivate or iPhone 4 it is having a full keyboard. It is keeping the familiar, metal-like (it's plastic) bezel around the edges of the phone, looping around in a manner similar to the Bold, though it's split in two pieces as the separate screen and keyboard portions are distinct from one another.

 The front of the device is constituted by the Torch's 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen (480 x 360, which is similar to the Storm and Storm2), though the familiar BlackBerry call, menu, back, and end buttons and optical trackpad are figuring just below the display. Along the right side of the phone is a 3.5mm headphone jack, volume rockers, and user-assignable convenience key while the left side is housing only the Micro USB jack. On the top there are mute and lock buttons, while the phone's 5 mega pixel camera and LED flash are a familiar feature along the back of the handset.

 The sliding action on this device is quite solid, though it has some resistance, and there is trouble quickly popping it open with the thumb occasionally. The width of the keyboard is about the same as the Bold 9700, but is slightly narrower, and the keys are more depressed than on previous devices which RIM is having. The QWERTY keypad is easy and completely natural to use with confidence while typing being as high as when using the 9700. The spacious keyboard on the original Bold, is for a larger touch screen. A similar device is the Blackberry Bold 9780.

 The Blackberry Torch White Deals is also having a 5 mega pixel camera along with an LED flash, that is certainly an innovative arrangement. There's nothing particularly special about the lens itself from what can be made out, though it's clear that RIM is investing much time and energy into making the photo-taking experience on this device a more seamless experience than on previous handsets. The camera is set to be shot in 'continuous' mode, when a single-shot provides much better results. As far as the photo quality goes, the device is based on capturing images - particularly close-ups, though colours and black details. It is possible to avail of the best offers on this handset by going through numerous websites.

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