Monday, May 9, 2011

LG Optimus Pad - Faster and responsive appeal to tablets

In the evolving world of tablet PCs, LG has also tried out its hands on it and expected to come up with their first tablet LG Optimus Pad soon. The concept of tablet computer or simply tablet is a revolutionary idea in the telecommunication sector for its larger touchscreen features and portability. When Apple Inc. first time launched iPad device in 2010 that created a high craze among all class of people. Its becoming more and more advanced and powerful with every single day and even may be in near future it can replace personal computer completely. Recently LG Corporation, the South Korean based telecommunication and electronics  company, have also announced their new invention of tablet PC with LG Optimus Pad expected to release very soon. According to the available pictures showcased at this year's Mobile World Congress, the gadget is expected to have nicely smooth rounded corners, glossy front screen display and decent  black back cover making it look great and feel good to hold it in hand.

The major feature which will be coming to forefront with the gadget is its 3D graphics hardware and camera which will be introduced in a tablet computer for the first time. The gadget will also enable you to capture 3D videos and play games with the advanced 3D effect in force. This Android based Honeycomb tablet will run applications very fast due to the inclusion of dual core 1GHz Tegra 2 processor. It will feature the operating system with minimum possible changes to make the gadget look like Google's own product. The 8.9 inches LCD capacitive touchscreen of LG Optimus Pad deals will exactly fit between that of iPad 2 and Blackberry Playbook display and will be able to create a 3D effect which is far more advanced than the wider screen of iPad 2. Initially the capacity of internal memory will be 32GB but there is a provision of micro SD card slot by which you will be able to extend its memory power by another 32GB.

LG Optimus Pad will be a generic looking tablet missing out the wow factor experienced with others till date with more plasticky outlook rather than the solid one. It is also expected to follow the trend of Android tablets with lesser physical buttons on board. It is for the first time you will notice dual cameras at the back along with an advanced front camera, bringing triple forces in action. The two rear cameras will be provided for dual purposes, one with standard camera properties and the other with 3D camcorder abilities with various 3D modes supported, again taking over that presented in iPad 2. It is expected to feature Polaris Office to edit all MS Office documents giving strong competition to the power of laptops and notebooks. While considering usage facilities, LG Optimus Pad is expected to arrive with the power of quick response. The battery life of the gadget is expected to be fairly impressive which will only be confirmed with the gadget in your hands. The exact price of the tablet will only come to forefront after its official launch.

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