Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pay As You Go Phones and Contract Phones - The Choice is in Your Hands

The age of civilization has glided into a technologically advanced stage, where gadgets and machines are your best friends. Speaking of best friends which are known to be a byproduct of technology "mobile phones" seemingly are top on our priority list. These tiny and wonderful devices have enhanced our communication approach and one can reap maximum benefits from its technology. The mobile community has woken up to the power of these communication devices and appreciated its magnificence. Mobile phone users also have to make a choice regarding their mobile services prior to the activation of their phone. The choice which they have to make is between pay-as-go-phones and contract phones. The user is sometimes in a dilemma to take the right decision while choosing for a specific deal.

The pay-as-you-go phone deal is well suited for college going students, teenagers, travellers and elderly as those availing its services can resort to limited talking and they can keep a tab on their mobile expenses. These phone deals are ideal for those who have limited finances and cannot afford to spend their hard-earned money on their mobile usage. The user of this deal would have to recharge their phone once their calling balance has been exhausted. The user can make a preference over a specific service provider and avail its services for as long he/she desires. However, the user of this plan has the disadvantage of not being able to make or receive calls beyond their balance. At times, a low balance demands that the user makes a short conversation which would not be desirable to the caller. Short conversations or incomplete conversations takes away the fun from the whole idea of having a mobile phone. Mobile phones are saviour in times of emergency conditions, but the inability to make calls due to nil balance is a disappointing affair.

To override this situation, the concept of contract phones is fast gaining momentum and popularity. These phone deals are designed for those who use their mobile phones extravagantly and have a high call percentage. It is ideal for businessmen and people who maintain a high-profile. The contract phone deal will enable the user to talk without any interruption. The deal requires an individual to sign a contract for usage of their handset. The duration of the contract can vary form 12 months to 18 months. It is the most preferred choice for those individuals who want to avail a specific mobile service for a long time. The user will be expected to pay a small amount to avail the services of a particular network operator. In addition to this the phone deal offers attractive incentives such as free text messages, free talktime, free gifts such as i pod and laptop. and subsidised call rates. According to the contract the user has to pay a specified amount for a period of time. The user with the availability of this deal can also upgrade his/her handset with the latest mobile technology. The user under this phone deal can sign up a contract with some of the esteemed service providers such as T-Mobile, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung. These phone deal are well supported by Samsung, Motorola and Nokia mobile phones. The user, once he/she is satisfied with the benefits and conditions offered by a specific network provider can select it to avail its services. Nowadays some of the latest and most desirable mobile phones are also available with this deal. By and large, the phone deal will give the user the privilege of uninterrupted communication and alluring benefits.
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