Saturday, March 17, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 May Look Like This

This could be the best Galaxy S3 leak to-date or simply a fake, but either way here’s the photo that’s claimed to be of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone!

Does it look like the real thing to you?
A tipster send this image to the guys over at PhoneArena, and it’s said to be a press shot of the “final design” of the S3 handset.
There are a few things to note with this supposed snapshot of the next Galaxy S premium handset, including the fact there are no physical keys on the phone. Unlike on the original Galaxy S and the SII, there is no rectangular Home key on this device – although this doesn’t necessarily means it’s not real. Perhaps Samsung has decided to alter the design of its successor Galaxy S smartphone. After all, the upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to boast a different design to its predecessors.
If this is the S3 model, the screen certainly looks bigger, which fits with expectations. However, one thing that doesn’t is the photo of the display itself – the font doesn’t look quite right, it’s suspicious that the date is 22 March as this is when an announcement could be made, and the notifications section is a bit on the blurry side.
The rumours are coming thick and fast now, as we all eagerly await the official unveiling. Only yesterday, we heard from Russian tech blogger Eldar Murtazin that the S3 is coming with a ceramic finish, as well as reports of the next Galaxy S phone being waterproof.
All we do know is the Samsung Galaxy S3 is bound to be worth the wait and all the speculation.
Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on whether you think this picture is of the Galaxy S3!

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