Friday, April 22, 2011

Blackberry Playbook - on a rough ride

The RIM's entry into tablet market seem to have gone into a not so smooth ride with quite a few negative reviews about the device. The tablet comes in a sleek black design and is considered a business gadget much like the blackberry smart phones from the same maker. The device has 7.6 x 5.1 inches screen which is considerable smaller than other tablets like IPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. So, if you prefer watching videos or playing games on bigger screen then you might not like the device. However, small size contributes to the easy portability and it can easily slip in and out of it's case and is easy to handle. One area where the product has been getting not so favorable review is lack of useful applications on the set and mediocre performance of Adobe Flash Player.

 Weighing less than a pound, the device is light to hold especially if you have to watch video holding the device in you hand. While at home you can use HDMI-out to feed the video stream to TV, watching it on big screen. Though the device lacks any button at the front panel, it has four buttons along the side edge which include play/pause control, power and volume control. One of the many important apps missing on the device is lack of native e-mail, if you want to access email you need to log-in through browser. Overall its an attractive device with superior hardware features and excellent media playing capabilities. Blackberry Playbook is best.

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