Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HTC Wildfire S

The dust is slowly but surely settling on the release date of the HTC Wildfire S in the mobile phone market place here. In other words, this means very soon. It will another month or so before the Wildfire S starts selling here. HTC Wildfire to see the light of day in May, 2011 Even though, it was more or less certain that the HTC Wildfire S will land here sometime in May 2011, there was still some uncertainty prevailing regarding its exact dates. Now, even that has been confirmed.

The mobile phone retailer has announced that it will start selling the HTC Wildfire S from May 13, 2011 onwards and will sell at the unlocked and SIM free price of £ 230 only. The HTC Wildfire S, you see, is one of the smallest smartphones to come out of the Android platform in recent times. This fact naturally is reflected on its price. So much so that even has committed itself to carry this smartphone and has fixed the same price for the Wildfire S.  And the launch date it has put for the smartphone handset from the Taiwanese mobile phone giant is May 22, 2011.

We are indeed in for some exciting times in May this year. Aren't we. With not only the HTC Wildfire S but some other smartphones also making their way into the market place. Clove also has expressed its desire to do business with the HTC Wildfire S. But has not committed the date of release or the price for that matter as yet. Though it is reliably learnt that the particular dealer would like a higher price for the phone handset in question.
As for as the network service providers are concerned, the 3 Mobile network service provider It has put the HTC Wildfire S on its coming soon page and stated that it will carry the smartphone in May 2011. This kind of completes the release scenario for this wonderful, wonderful smartphone that is modeled on the original Wildfire handset. It has a 600 Mhz processor running it and the Android 2.3 version of the Gingerbread running it. It sports a touchscreen that is 3.2 inches wide.

HTC Wildfire S - May 2011 Is The Month To Look Forward

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