Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enjoy the best communicator clamshell with Nokia E7

The Finnish manufacturer have managed to create a great hype in the market with every single gadget launch and similar is the effect with Nokia E7.

With the passage of time, a lot of business centric QWERTY smart phones came to existence with HTC leading the pack, but none of them can ever offer features iconic as Nokia's communicator phones which continued since 1996 to the latest Symbian mobile phones of Nokia. The latest and the most distinguished among them all is Nokia E7 which is the current flagship device of the Finnish manufacturer. A lot of things have changed now with the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft with the future approach of Windows Phone OS in upcoming Nokia phones.

Nokia E7 possess gorgeous hardware features which may not be able to compete with the RAM of iPhone 4, but comes with highly competitive design and build quality. Comprising of flattened aluminium cylinder and tapered plastic material covering up the antennas and connectors, the thinner half consists of tilt out display and menu key, while the other one consists of most of its features along with camera and physical keyboard. The camera sensors are of top notch with EdoF lens for phenomenal performance along with automatic, low light and night pre set modes.

With great multitasking abilities on board, Nokia E7 Deals also comes with noteworthy photo and video editors with the glorious Symbian OS and unlimited applications at Nokia OVI Store. With an adequate performance, the amazing Nokia milestone provides better battery backup along with HD quality images and videos. The glass front is prone to scratches along with easily accessible touch controls. E7 also comes with an advanced USB poet to connect flash and hard drives, keyboards and even Nokia's accessories like the Digital radio headset for enhanced audio clarity.

The call quality of Nokia E7 is clear and can be adjusted using the volume slider. The landscape mode facilitates comfortable typing with soft rubber keys on the keyboard. It has welcomed Flash Lite software update enhancing the YouTube widget on the phone. The sound quality of its speakers is also sharp and comes with a comfortable chassis to hold while enjoying the best movies. Overall Nokia E7 Contract have received a rating of 3 out of 5 as per its expert reviews.

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