Friday, April 8, 2011

Nokia E7- with the appealing looks and fantastic features

Nokia E7 is there in the market of UK with superb kind of features and the mobile phone deals there with this are with lovable offers and plans.
Nokia is not only the brand which is right now at the pinnacle but there are other reasons also which keeps it at the number one position like its service is so fast along with the best Customer service. Along with this time to time the tendency to launch or announce  n number of Smartphones is also there which makes this brand special. At this phase its getting popular for its new artefact the Nokia E7 earlier it was popular for Nokia N8, the Smartphone with the Camera of 12 mega pixel. E7 is with the fully operational touch screen along with the QWERTY keyboard because of which its with the great appeal and is under the reach and interested of most of the people.

The Nokia E7 is with the great range Multi media features which are not only to present the vivacious Videos, Movies, Photographs look fabulous but also prove to be the audacious Platform to listen the Music. Smartphone is with the coolest Video capturing facility which indeed is just awesome. One more mentionable feature there with this is the port for the HDMI Cable through which you can directly connect your phone with your TV. The space available in the phone is of 16GB but you can't expand it as its with no card slot this one thing is not good at all.

Now about the Camera which is of 8 mega pixels and is perfect to capture the live moments of your life which you never you want to loose and love to keep them ever more with you. The high quality images there via the Smartphones are really super cool and its Video quality is no less then a professional Camera even you can shot a whole Movie through this with the clear clarity. In terms of Music also its great which you can listen either through the loudspeaker or through the Ear phones also. FM Radio there with Nokia E7 Deals is with the RDS tuner and you can listen to your favourite music station through this any time you want. The VGA front facing camera there with the phone is quite suitable for making the Video calls etc.

Nokia E7 can be considered as the convenient- handy satellite navigation device because of GPS, Compass, accelerometer chip etc along with the Ovi Maps  inside so that if you are strucked in some place where the network quality is very poor then there will be need to download any of the maps you can go through the maps there in your phone and can come out from the odd situation. There are several applications there with the Smartphone through which you can experience the feeling of your desktop like the Webkit based Browser.

The deals there with the Smartphone are real cool like the Contract deal, pay as you go deal, SIM free deal etc. And the presence of these are with the mobile phone networks like the O2, Virgin, Vodafone, Three , T-Mobile etc.

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