Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grab the best ever smart phone Apple iPhone 4

The American multinational have paved its way to excellence with the release of Apple iPhone 4, believed to possess all advanced features under a single roof.

Apple has promised to come up with an iPhone every year and here comes the new entrant this year, Apple iPhone 4 which has proved to be truly exceptional coming forth with advancements in all aspects of a smart phone. This iconic iPhone have seen the greatest excitement ever for a smart phone with gorgeous screen, HD video recording and slimmer dimensions. It is hard to get all hi-tech features present in a single gadget but this iPhone version made the unimaginable dream to get a touch of reality. Compared to the big giants like HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4 has a lot more impressive functionalities.

Apple iPhone 4 Deals have changed the outlook of curved back with chunkier dimensions with a stainless steel chassis and glass design which is the most striking appeal of the new product. The retina display looks great with smoother touch to picture clarity, thus adding up to its wow factor. The major noticeable change is its multitasking abilities with easy switch over between tabs which have left behind Apple iPhones in the competition for the last few years. The voice control is also rocking along with super smooth opening of applications with just one swipe. The addition of folders is among the other new features added to the previous iPhone interface. Though it lacks flash support, the web browsing experience through iPhone4 is simply amazing.

The noise cancellation microphones with Apple iPhone 4 works nicely with a clear speaker which can be utilized for better conferencing approach while chatting with friends and others without any noise distortion or call dropping experience. The only disadvantage is that the phone loses its signal when you hold the phone in your left hand while making a call. Apple has brought back video calling with amazing FaceTime applications. It also provided a Spotlight application to search your friends easily and easy messaging with Swype technology integration. Another new trend facilitated through iPhone 4 is to record and edit HD video directly from the handset along with iTunes interface to get the best media on to the phone with 40% better battery life. So many features on board have earned it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in expert reviews, thus satisfying the needs of all users.

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